Digital products are meant to improve your work.

I can be best described as an interface between humans while having the bigger picture in mind. I bring together people with different expertise to create something meaningful.

Tell me more or read about what I believe in, why I think small teams are the best or how I try to understand your workflows.

The "show me what you got" package

To get you started, I will analyze your website, product, prototype or idea for a small fixed rate. Use the results as you like. No strings attached!

I'll explain my findings in an exclusive call and you will receive a written overview, usually containing remarks regarding

  • Technology and architecture
  • Design and visual impression
  • Usability
  • Overall user experience

let's have a chat, say hello!


Let's see if I can help you with that!

Product Management

As a experienced product manager I can help translating between clients, designers and developers (and more humans!).🙃

Help build your MVPs

Say you have a product idea and need someone to build a prototype or MVP. I can help you myself with both my own expertise and a network of developers and designers.

Web Development

Node.js, CouchDB, Docker, Git, HTML, CSS, Angular, VueJS or Docker are my friends as well!


Sometimes you need an outside opinion. It is important to listen to people first and try to understand their problems to find real working solutions with them. And I don't stop when it's getting uncomfortable!

Happy Developers

I have been working with developers all my professional life. Let me check your current workflow and see if we can improve. Both for better results and happier people.

Getting ready

The transitioning processes into digital workflows can be hard. I have helped companies making the switch and improve their everyday communication and work with the help of digital solutions.

🌍 World, Earth